NEURINNOV SAS was founded in 2018 and focuses on designing, developing and commercializing Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD).

We propose a new generation of AIMD which allows to bring innovative solutions to several families of severe functional deficiencies without therapeutic solution.

To do so we designed selective stimulation solutions from deep electrophysiology studies. Based on 20+ years of research, the expertise in electro-physiology and function physiology led to an innovative and protected approach in AIMD: the founders created a patented generic neurostimulation platform technology, allowing to target different pathologies.

We thus realize and provide services for: Design, Development & Integration of AIMD.

The breakthrough technology developed by the company allows selective neural electrical stimulation. We will treat first quadriplegic patients by restoring hand functionality to provide autonomy: HandyGraspTM is our first product.


NEURINNOV is an INRIA & Montpellier University spin-off.