Our aim is to restore human functions in people with functional deficiencies for better quality of life.




NEURINNOV SAS was founded in 2018 and focuses on designing, developing and commercializing Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD).

We propose a new generation of AIMD which allows to bring innovative solutions to several families of severe functional deficiencies without therapeutic solution.

To do so we designed selective stimulation solutions from deep electrophysiology studies. Based on 20+ years of research, the expertise in electro-physiology and function physiology led to an innovative and protected approach in AIMD: the founders created a patented generic neurostimulation platform technology, allowing to target different pathologies.

We thus realize and provide services for: Design, Development & Integration of AIMD.

The breakthrough technology developed by the company allows selective neural electrical stimulation. We will treat first quadriplegic patients by restoring hand functionality to provide autonomy: HandyGraspTM is our first product.


NEURINNOV is an INRIA & Montpellier University spin-off.




    CEO  (co-founder)        Serge Renaux

Head of business development of the enterprise.

20+ years of experience in sales and marketing of medical devices; after successful creation of 3 start-ups in the MD field, currently leading a company specialized in the production of implantable devices (15 years).



CSO  (co-founder)        David Guiraud

Specialist in electrophysiology, strong experience in clinical trials and Ethics Committee application – PhD HDR. Previously Director of research at INRIA.



CTO  (co-founder)        David Andreu

Specialist in AIMD architecture and experienced in technology transfer – PhD  HDR. Previously Associate Professor at the Engineer School Polytech’Montpellier.



Medical Referent        Charles Fattal

Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine applied to nervous system diseases or musculoskeletal pathologies – MD PhD HDR.





Products / Projects

HandyGraspTM, our first product, is dedicated to the restoration of hand functions in tetraplegia.

The HandyGraspTM system is designed to allow a quadriplegic patient to recover control of one of his hands.

The device consists of an implanted part and an external part which communicate with each other by radiofrequency.

The implanted part includes two electrodes positioned on the nerves of the forearm, connected to an implanted stimulator.

The external part includes an antenna (placed on the surface of the skin) connected to a controller that transmits energy and stimulation commands.

The stimulation commands (e.g., open / close the hand) are given by the patient thanks to a sensor positioned on his contralateral shoulder.

The implanted stimulator performs different selective neural stimulations according to received commands, to induce different movements of the hand.


The stimulation orders (e.g., open / close the hand) are given by the patient thanks to a sensor positioned on his contralateral shoulder.The implanted stimulator performs different selective neural stimulations according to received orders, to induce different movements of the hand.




2022 – Neurinnov has published the positive results of its clinical investigations regarding the restoration of hand control for people with high spinal cord injury in Nature Scientific Reports and Neurotrauma (see publications). Results achieved in close partnership with INRIA CAMIN, Center Bouffard-Vercelli USSAP, ORTHOSUD St Jean de Védas, CORTEC and APHP.


2022 – Neurinnov is implied in the FLAG-ERA JTC 2021 Rescue Graph Project, coordinated by Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. This project addresses a functional stimulation system for rehabilitation of gait and driving neural plasticity after spinal cord injury using graphene-based nerve electrodes.


2021 – Fundraising

Neurinnov is pleased to announce that it has completed a €3 million Seed round led by IRDI Capital Investissement, UI Investissement (via the Pertinence Invest 2 Fund, advised by Mérieux Equity Partners) and SOFILARO. A round of financing that reaches 6M euros, notably through a BPI Deeptech support .


2019 – Deep Tech  label

awarded by  BPI Occitanie



2019 – BPI invests in Neurinnov, in the seed phase.




2019 – Innovation Award from Montpellier University of Excellence (MUSE i-Site)

(D. Andreu – Neurinnov)





2019 – French Tech Seed label

awarded by the Occitanie Tech Seed consortium.



2018 – Montpellier University of Excellence  Companies on Campus (MUSE i-Site)

Funding of innovative research collaboration



2018 – EIT Health Innovation Project

Funding of new, solution-driven idea improving healthcare

(Neurinnov is External Project Partner)



2018 – Eurobiomed member



2017  – Laureate of the National Innovation Competition of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (i-LAB)

Funding for the creation of an innovative technological enterprise


2017 –Incubation as an innovative technological startup



  2017 – Labeling as an innovative technological startup


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