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The rise in usage of neurostimulation therapies and an aging population are the major drivers in the neurostimulation market. Neurinnov is well-positioned to address promising market opportunities with its implantable functional electrical stimulation solutions.

World-first achievements

Neurinnov, in collaboration with researchers at Inria, has produced a world-first development in enabling two patients with complete tetraplegia to temporarily recover hand gestures uniquely by nerves stimulation.

Essential to these patients, whose functional impairments make them ineligible for other solutions, was the ability to regain autonomy, such as drinking from a straw or feeding themselves with a fork. This innovation was achieved through a neurostimulation device designed by Neurinnov, based on its ASIC neural stimulation platform. This key neurotechnology advancement shows only the beginning of the vast potential of Neurinnov’s ASIC neural stimulation platform to meet unmet needs in key medical conditions.

Having successfully demonstrated proof of concept, Neurinnov is working on developing its neurostimulation device at the industrial level.

The technological leap in the performance of this platform shows substantial potential to selectively stimulate any peripheral nerve, opening the path for a tremendous set of future applications.

Target applications
of the ASIC neural stimulation platform

Solution can target any nerve

Neurinnov’s distinctive approach of selectively activating targeted nerve fascicules and thus recruiting associated muscles by steering electrical currents exclusively through a nerve areas sets it apart for conventional implantable techniques that only target full nerves or even muscle tissue directly, which have known drawbacks.

Conventional methods are unable to perform up to the level of complexity that Neurinnov achieves in steering current sources within given nerve fascicules. This enables Neurinnov’s ASIC neural stimulation platform technologies to target and activate any nerve in the body; this is key for improving symptoms and restoring functions in patients with neuromuscular sensory-motor system or neurological disorders.

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