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About Neurinnov

Neurinnov, a developer of advanced neurostimulation solutions applicable across a broad spectrum of pathologies, is aimed to enable patients living with complete spinal cord injury to regain essential hand grasping functions and greater autonomy. Neurinnov is addressing an unmet need in underserved populations, where every year an estimated 22 million people suffer from spinal cord injury, with 2.5 million resulting in paralysis.

The company is perfecting a nerve stimulation solution that can induce selective activation of targeted muscles by steering electrical currents exclusively through one or set of nerves. This small form factor implantable device will offer significant advantages. It is the first to trigger muscle activation through ‘selective’ neural stimulation and demonstrate how patients with complete tetraplegia will perform everyday functions, such as eating with a fork, and bring their paralyzed upper limbs to life.

Focused on patients with severe medical conditions

Neurinnov’s work with patients living with patients with complete tetraplegia is ongoing, as the company progresses towards industrial-scale development.


Social responsibility

Neurinnov and the whole team are deeply engaged in social responsibility to bring a device to the market that will fit the needs of patients.

Respect for
life quality

Improving the quality of life for patients is a top priority. We place patient need for autonomy, self-esteem, and desire for societal re-integration above all.


We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality across all our operations. Integrity, reliability and transparency are at the forefront of all our collaborations and engagements.

Neurinnov’s Story

Neurinnov, a spin-off from INRIA and the University of Montpellier, was founded in 2018 by directors: David Guiraud, CSO and David Andreu, CTO.

The technology underpinning the company’s neurostimulation implant originated in research in electrophysiology and functional physiology led by David Guiraud, who was the director of research at INRIA (the French national institute for digital sciences) between 2004 – 2018. During that period, several researchers joined his team, including David Andreu, currently CTO of Neurinnov.

Fast track performance

Ongoing research confirmed the strong potential of electrophysiology as a pathway to stimulate a subset of nerve fibers within a nerve. Preliminary studies showed astonishing results in the number and complexity of movements that could induced by different stimulation patterns and configurations.

Driven by these outstanding results in selective neural stimulation, the maturity of the technology as well as the benefits this solution could bring underserved populations of patients living with extreme paralysis, the team decided to transfer the research into a technological platform and Neurinnov was created.

Since 2018, the team has partnered with research laboratories, medical institutions and industrial suppliers to improve on the design of the implantable neurostimulator and conducted clinical studies to obtain a greater in-depth analysis of selective stimulation effects.

Innovative technology with far-reaching potential

Neurinnov is the first company with a solution capable of selectively and synergistically activating muscles using the nerve, without all the muscles associated with that nerve contracting altogether. The impressive results have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

The founders built and patented a generic technology platform that provides value creation across a wide range of pathologies that primarily affect the neuromuscular sensory-motor system.

Awards and PRIZES




Médaille de bronze
Du CNRS 2005

Innovation Prize of i-site
MUSE 2019 (innovation)

1st prize FIEEC 2012
(technology transfer)

Prix Académique
des Sciences